IEEE Technical Committee on Collaborative Automation for Flexible Manufacturing (CAFM)



Special Issue Call for Paper

● Special Issue “Cognitive Learning of Multi-Agent Systems”, 30 Sep 2022, IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (IF: 3.379)

● Special Issue “Biomimetic Perception, Cognition, and Control: From Nature to Robots”, 1 Feb 2022, IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (RAM) (IF: 5.143)

● Special Issue “Learning and Control for Robot Compliant Manipulation with Human in the Loop”, Oct 6 2021, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) (IF: 3.74)

● Special Issue “Advanced Sensing and Control Technologies for Mobile and Collaborative Robotic Systems”, April 2021-Feb 2022, on Sensors (IF: 3.275)

● Special Issue “Human Robot Interaction and Intelligent System Design”, Sept 2021- Jul 2022, on Electronics (IF: 2.397)

● Special Issue “Unmanned Autonomous Systems in Complex Environments 2021”, Sept 2021- Dec 2021, on Complexity (IF: 2.833)